Do you have unmet IT challenges?

We at Techordia feel that too many small medium businesses unnecessarily suffer from IT challenges through lack of accountability or ownership of problems and lack of optimization. 

As a result, you may experience the following:

Unpredictable, costly downtime
     - Staff and corporate productivity are impacted

Managing IT Costs
     - Overages, surprises and unpredictable IT support costs
     - Frustration with inability to accurately budget for IT

Paying for Downtime
     - IT service provider makes money when vital elements of your network have
       failed or need service and repair

Management Effort
     - Expense and effort of hiring and managing an internal IT support staff

Risk and Exposure
     - Security vulnerabilites
     - Data loss or theft
     - Compliance uncertainties

If you have unmet IT challenges, we can help.  We work with you to understand your business to ensure that your IT needs are met.  Call us for an assessment.
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"Network and server uptime are beyond critical.  I sleep better at night knowing Techordia monitors its outage and fixes it before anyone knows about it."

R. Ali, IT Manager
Pacific Steel Casting Company